Rock Formation



  • LEGACY: Return to the vision of our Founders through fraternity wide activism. Our Iota legacy was birthed out of the civil rights movement to improve black communities' quality throughout the globe. It is important today, as in 1963, that Iota returns to this legacy and strengthen our foundation and rightful position among the Divine 9 as the lead organization founded to prepare a place for black men and families amidst the civil rights movement. 

  •  Activism: Development of a 501(c)(4) entity to continue our mission of activism through the establishment of a Political Activism Committee (PAC) to support national, state, and local candidates on behalf of the members of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc.

  • RRR: Establish a National Retention, Reclamation and Recruitment Committee​​

  • DEVELOPMENT: Strategically increase the value of attending Iota Phi Theta Conclaves and Iota Leadership Conferences by partnering with corporate sponsors to sponsor events, offering career opportunities, and establishment yearly partnerships with our fraternity. Offer training to assist with the re-integration of recently reclaimed members to the fraternity and its current operational structure.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Work with established committees to provide accurate and timely reporting of fraternity financial statements and plans, minutes from national body meetings, and increase response time to national inquiries. Also, work with Theta Men to understand the structure of the fraternity's business and fraternal operations for an enhanced membership experience.​

  • Motivation: Establish value in our collegiate membership by creating a National Brand and Marketing team constructed of collegiate and alumni members to identify and address emerging popular culture trends and social media platforms (i.e., Centaur T.V. YouTube Channel, partnership with Watch The Yard)

  • Structure: Review and enhance the operational structure of our chapters and national, state, and local leadership. Institute structured training for our elected and appointed leaders and offered training for local chapters, including but not limited to: fundraising, protocol, uniformity, ritualistic ceremonies, and external partnerships.



  • BRANDING: Relaunch the Centaur digital & Print Quarterly Magazine to highlight the professional development of our members, recognizing members, and chapter accomplishments. Provide options for digital and print.

  • TECHNOLOGY:  Create the national ONE IOTA app to provide access to national information, community service hours, and push pertinent information to members via text and email.

  • UNIFORMITY: Establish and document a national protocol guide for attire, official colors, symbols, and ritualistic ceremonies (i.e., National & Regional meetings, funerals, nationally televised events.

  • PROTOCOL: Institute fraternity wide policy establishing a protocol for interaction with national and regional leadership, national media events/coverage, and external partnerships.

  • Community Service: Engaging communities through our five core Principles: Scholarship, leadership, citizenship, Fidelity, Brotherhood programs

  • Founders Hall burning the mortgage and renovation fundraising task force to be completed by 2025.

  • DIVERSITY & INCLUSION: Establish a diversity and inclusion task force to collectively, bring diverse perspectives, experiences, and priorities that would foster productive and comprehensive dialogue and action planning within Iota Phi Theta.




  • INTAKE: Establish an Intake Task Force to perform a quality control review of current intake processes. Develop enhanced intake processes for International Chapters and alternative virtual intake processes to accommodate the current virtual climate.​

  • MENTORSHIP: Establish a mentorship program for undergraduate members to assist with our undergraduate members' personal and professional development and assist with post-collegiate employment.

  • Engagement:  Conduct quarterly Theta Men Fireside Chats to engage the brotherhood on issues relevant to the brotherhood.

  • MEMBERSHIP DUES: review and Redesign our membership dues and provide a financial structure that includes financial support for each region through our established corporate structure.

  • FINANCIAL LITERACY: Integrate an established financial literacy program to ensure that members of Iota Phi Theta are enriched in the areas of homeownership, investing, student loan debt, credit card debt, insurance, entrepreneurship, and corporate business structures.

  • COLLEGIATE TASK FORCE: established specifically designed to focus on the needs of our undergraduate chapters, members, and advisors to ensure that they are receiving up to date training and experiences which will amplify their experience as Theta Men and assist with alumni transition

  • Participate in the NIC National Meeting 

  • Participate with the Fraternity and

  • Sorority Advisors Association.

  • Research and apply best practices to strategically recruit new members and build new charters from NIC and fraternity and Sorority Life Association advisement.