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The Grand Polaris shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Fraternity and shall perform all duties which are usually executed by said office. He shall preside over all national meetings, including the Conclave, Special Meetings, and meetings of the Grand Council. He shall appoint the Intermediate Officers, committees of the Grand Council, and any vacancies thereof in accordance with these Bylaws.  He has the ability to remove any Intermediate Officer from office with or without cause. He has the ability to remove the Executive Director, General Counsel and any Regional Polaris from office for good cause as defined by Article VI, Section 1.1; however, removal of these officers requires approval from 50.1% of the Board of Directors.


He shall supervise all matters connected with obtaining evidence of violations of Fraternity rules and regulations and state and federal law, committed by a third party or a member of the Fraternity against the Fraternity. He shall be an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors and all Grand Council committees, except the Nominations and Elections Committee. He shall enforce all rules, regulations, policies and recognized practices of the Fraternity. If an emergency were to arise, he has the authority to enact policies that are necessary and proper for the business of the organization.


It shall be the duty of the Grand Vice-Polaris to assist the Grand Polaris in the performance of his duties and to preside in the absence of the Grand Polaris. He shall perform other duties as delegated by the Grand Polaris.  It shall be the duty of the Grand Vice-Polaris to monitor and provide direction to the Regional Polari and the Intermediate Officers. He shall be the liaison to the National Iota Foundation.